Masaki Fujimoto

He worked as a software engineer and a tech magazine editor in Japan. In 2014, he came to study gerontology at Portland Community College.

Erin Schmith

Sales and Marketing Manager

Erin holds a master’s degree in arts management from the University of Oregon and has had a variety of work experiences across the nonprofit and private sectors.

Stu Sawai
Stu Sawai

Executive Director

Taka Murakawa

Co-Founder & President

Before starting the Encorepreneur Cafe, he had visited Portland from Japan many times and learned a lot from Portlanders who he had met and talked to.

Seiko Adachi
Seiko Adachi

Co-founder & CEO of Shinko Fukushikai (Japan)

Masue Katayama

Co-Founder & Chair

She started affordable nursing homes for middle-class families in Japan in the early 1980s by renovating vacant buildings such as former company dormitories.