Workshop: Developing Your Product or Service

Event Details Date: May 4, 2017 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Venue: The Encorepreneur Cafe Workshop: Developing Your Product or Service

Event Details

One of the keys to Building a Successful Solo Business is finding ways to overcome the fact that there is only you offering products and services. The question is how to create enough clients to cover your costs and build revenue. One of the answers is to have packages of services that you offer and at the same time, when you build those packages you take advantage of the power of the internet to serve customers. We will talk about alternatives to selling services by the hour; tools such as webi-nars, teleseminars and phone follow up and advising. The idea is that your one on one services be your premier product offering.
This class will be high energy, fun, interactive, and practical. You will learn skills you can use immediately as you create your encore business. Your instructor, Jackie B Peterson, is a national thought leaders on solopreneurship and will share many ide-as, client stories and ideas for creating a viable solo enterprise.