March Japanese Language and Culture Cafe: Introduction to Kimono Culture

March Japanese Language and Culture Cafe: Introduction to Kimono Culture

Thursday, March 19, 2020
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


The Encorepreneur Cafe

1548 NE 15th Ave · Portland, OR

**Please note, this month we will start 30 minutes later than usual, at 6:30pm*

This Meetup is for anybody who wants to learn Japanese language and culture, practice English and Japanese conversation. The venue is shared office space with relaxed atmosphere. We would like to plan activities such as short Japanese lessons and cultural presentations utilizing a projector, screen, and audio system.

This month, we will invite kimono teacher, Rie Nakata. Kimono is different depending on when, where, and who wears; for example, for single woman, married woman, geisha, samurai, tea ceremonies. All the differences have reasons and meanings supported by history and tradition. We will learn kimono culture through Rie’s presentation and kimono quiz. We also have fun by trying tasuki-gake like Sen of Spirited Away!

All levels from beginners to Japanese natives are welcome. Lectures and presentations are in English.

6:30-6:40 Arrivals, Check-Ins
6:40-7:00 Short Japanese language lesson
Topic: Counting numbers
7:00-7:05 Self-introduction Time
7:05-7:30 Kimono Culture Presentation
7:30-7:40 Break
7:40-8:00 Kimono Quiz
8:00-8:10 Let’s try Tasuki-gake (like Sen of Spirited Away)
8:10-8:30 Kimono Q&A

Schedule is tentative. It may change according to participants’ requests and levels.

PAYMENT NOTE: The fee is sliding scale ($5 – $10), and you may pay using Paypal at: in advance or pay in cash or card at the door. It will be used to rent the space and help to keep this meetup group going. We will provide coffee, tea, water, and snacks. Thank you!

*Participation is complimentary for volunteers of native Japanese speakers who lead the conversation and help Japanese study. We appreciate the donation.

** 今月は6時半開始です。ご注意ください。**


6:30-6:40 ご到着、受付
6:40-7:00 短い日本語レッスン
7:00-7:05 自己紹介タイム
7:05-7:30 着物文化プレゼンテーション
7:30-7:40 休憩
7:40-8:00 着物クイズ
8:00-8:10 たすき掛けをやってみよう(「千と千尋の神隠し」の千尋のように)
8:10-8:30 Q&A


※参加費:$5-$10を目安にSliding scaleでお願いしています。事前にPaypal:

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