Staff Profile: Taka Murakawa

Taka Murakawa

Taka Murakawa, MBA

Co-Founder & President

Before starting the Encorepreneur Cafe, he had visited Portland from Japan many times and learned a lot from Portlanders who he had met and talked to. Have you ever met him?
He had worked for a Japanese financial service company and engaged in business development for 15 years. As one of his achievements in the company, he founded a successful venture to provide the energy conservation technology for greenhouses and the financial aids. His venture has helped farmers save energy and make more profit.
After leaving the company, he joined the Japan Branch of Ashoka, a global organization identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs. Through Ashoka, he met Masue Katayama, a founder of Shinko Fukushikai Social Welfare Corporation and decided to plunge into the new venture in Portland.

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