Our mission

Our mission:

To provide an opportunity for people to start an encore career, which in turn will keep them engaged and help enrich society.


Encorepreneurs are active adults who can be business owners, individual contractors, consultants, community organizers, and other self-employed individuals. In other words, an encorepreneur is a person who is seeking or engaged in their own business by utilizing their expertise, knowledge, experience, network, curiosity, and passion. Encorepreneurs stay engaged in life leaving after corporate of America and are a positive influence on their community and peers.

What We Do

Many boomers want to stay active physically and mentally and plan to do that by re-entering the productive work force environment and starting their own businesses. Those who begin encorepreneur businesses often have the goals of making a difference, leaving a legacy and supplementing their retirement income

The Encorepreneur Cafe(Cafe) provides a unique opportunity for such active adults. The Cafe offers an office environment away from home with co-working space and access to top quality office equipment such as printers and copiers. The co-working space also offers fast internet connection, an opportunity for the encorepreneur to interact with other like-minded people and a business address for correspondence.

To support the encorepreneur’s business development, the cafe offers various seminars and workshops. These workshops are designed to foster new business ideas and teach fundamental entrepreneurial business skills. Members will benefit by participating in these programs as they will support members in the development of their business ideas and help them to imagine new ways to build successful enterprises based on their life-long skills and monetize their expertise.

The cafe is a great way to network with fellow encorepreneurs on a daily basis. Staff and associates are available to discuss business matters with members, act as a sounding board, and refer them to outside professionals when necessary.

The cafe is situated in N. E. Portland near the Lloyd Center and only a short walk from the Max line.