Amy Henderson

Founder of the Geezer Gallery and Age Wise Institute

Amy Henderson, MA is the founder of The Geezer Gallery, and she has earned degrees in Interior Design, Business and Leadership, and Interdisciplinary Studies concentrating in Gerontology.

Jay Bloom

President/CEO of Bloom Anew

Since 1983, Jay C. Bloom has been providing executive and personal coaching to leaders, managers, and individuals in the private, philanthropic, and governmental sectors who are experiencing a transition in their lives or desiring to strengthen their professional skills and capabilities.

Roger Anunsen

Co-Founder and President of MINDRAMP CONSULTING

Roger Anunsen is a brain health educator and program consultant based in Oregon where he teaches college five gerontology courses in Portland, including The Aging Mind, Applied Legal & Policy Issues in Aging and Cognitive Activity Design.

Annette Lansing

Portland Community College Gerontology Special Project Coordinator

“Be All That You Can Be” is an old Army slogan that epitomizes what I want for anyone reading this message, but especially for adults venturing forward, trying to find a new career/job/purpose

Mike Faber

Portland Community College Full-time Gerontology Instructor

Mike Faber has an extensive background in Gerontology. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Gerontology, an undergraduate Mental Health and Aging Certificate, and a Master of Arts Degree in Sociology specializing in Aging and the Life Course.

Jackie B. Peterson

Better, Smarter, Richer Solopreneur Advisor

Jackie B. Peterson has worked with small businesses and solopreneurs–including creative and encore entrepreneurs–for over 30 years.

Jan Abushakrah

Portland Community College Gerontology Faculty Dept Chair

Portland Community College Gerontology Faculty Dept Chair, Advisor & Instructor

Masaki Fujimoto

He worked as a software engineer and a tech magazine editor in Japan. In 2014, he came to study gerontology at Portland Community College.

Erin Schmith

Sales and Marketing Manager

Erin holds a master’s degree in arts management from the University of Oregon and has had a variety of work experiences across the nonprofit and private sectors.

Stu Sawai
Stu Sawai

Executive Director