Gut Bugs Talking: The Real Voice Behind Cravings, Mood, and Brain Health

Gut Bugs Talking: The Real Voice Behind Cravings, Mood, and Brain Health

By Thriving Force | Dr. Sara DeFrancesco

Saturday November 10th
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

at the Encorepreneur Cafe
1548 NE 15th Ave. Portland OR 97232
Registration required

Sugar cravings, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, sleeplessness, brain fog, memory problems, and mood disorders like anxiety and depression are common symptoms of imbalanced gut bacteria and digestive inflammation that cause poor brain function and dramatically affect quality of life.

People who experience these symptoms often have a gut feeling (punn intended) that something is off, but are not provided with the education and tools to promote healthy digestive bacteria (aka the microbiome) and improve their immune, hormone, and brain health. They often feel stuck, and may even make progress with their health goals, only to be derailed by unshakable cravings for sugar or carbs.

Fortunately, if the brain is a flower – the gut is the soil. By learning how our gut bacteria make us feel, think, and eat we can learn to tend to the garden of health by pulling the inflammatory weeds and sowing the health optimizing seeds.

Join Us To Learn:

-The #1 overlooked caused of inflammation and chronic illnesses and how to test for it.
-The link between gut bacteria and energy, sleep, mood, and memory problems.
-The gut bacteria that promote cravings for sugar, carbs, and fat vs the healthy bacteria that make you crave fiber and vegetables.
-Common causes of digestive inflammation that lower immunity and open the door to unhealthy bacteria.
-The bacterial and parasitic infections that cause poor brain health, autoimmunity, and chronic inflammatory diseases.
-Exercises to start improving your microbiome and brain health immediately.

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