Japanese Cultural Exchange and Travel Club for Seniors to Launch in 2019

Japanese Cultural Exchange and Travel Club for Seniors to Launch in 2019

Encorepreneur Café Expands its Programs for Retirees

Portland, Oregon, December 2018—The Encorepreneur Café is pleased to announce the launch of Encore Adventure Japan: Lifestyle and Culture, a new program that supports seniors and retirees who are interested in international cultural exchange. Many people expect to travel and see the world in their retirement, but they don’t necessarily want the hassle of making the travel arrangements themselves. They may feel intimidated, not have the time, or be unsure of where to start.

Encore Adventure Japan is a new travel club for retirees and seniors, offering affordable tour packages and cultural workshops leading up to the trip. This is a program for those who want more than a typical tourist experience. The purpose of Encore Adventure Japan is to create enriching, authentic encounters with the Japanese way of life through a mixture of culture, health, and lifestyle experiences. Most of all, it aims to give older adults access to lifelong learning, cultural exchange, and something to look forward to after retirement.

Currently, The Encorepreneur Cafe is conducting surveys to help shape the travel program. Anyone who fills one out will be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Please visit here to fill out a survey and enter to win.

If you would like more information about Encore Adventure Japan or The Encorepreneur Café, please contact Erin Schmith or Masaki Fujimoto at 503-954-2837, info@encoreprneuercafe.com, or stop the office at 1548 NE 15th Avenue.

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