Instructor Profile: Roger Anunsen

Roger Anunsen

Roger Anunsen

Co-Founder and President of MINDRAMP CONSULTING

Portland Community College Gerontology Instructor

Roger Anunsen is a brain health educator and program consultant based in Oregon where he teaches college five gerontology courses in Portland, including The Aging Mind, Applied Legal & Policy Issues in Aging and Cognitive Activity Design.

Roger has been working in the field of memory and aging since 2001 and is a founder and co-principal in MINDRAMP Consulting that provides brain health and wellness events, staff training programs and educational courses. His educational method was developed over the past decade of hands-on experience teaching older adults and health care professionals how to apply the latest breakthroughs from neuroscience. Roger presented the MINDRAMP Method© at the First Global Conference on Ageing at the University of Oxford and, with his MINDRAMP partner Michael C. Patterson who is now based in Los Angeles, conducted a sold-out seven-hour brain health seminar at the Smithsonian Institution.

Anunsen and Patterson have co-authored books including their textbooks Strong Brains, Sharp Minds (2015), Cognitive Activity Design (2015) and Better Brains by Design: (2016)

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