Do I want to be an ENCOREPRENEUR? – Workshop Series by Annette Lansing

Workshop Series: Do I want to be an ENCOREPRENEUR?

Instructor: Annette Lansing
8 sessions, several workshops in a series.

Workshop 1 – Inquiry: Do I want to be an ENCOREPRENEUR?

Thursday, March 2, 2017
2-4 pm
@The Encorepreneur Cafe
1548 NE 15th Ave. Portland OR 97232

Some of what we will talk about includes: the state of employment, entrepreneurship, and older workers in today’s work culture; types of employment Vs self-employment; why you might want to become an Encorepreneur (an entrepreneur who is an older person); why Encorepreneurship is right for you; further exploratory workshops; and, what the SBDC and The Encorepreneur Cafe can do for you.

Workshop 2 – Inquiry: What’s my ENCOURPRENEUR business?

Discussing the power of self-knowledge and building from a general focus to narrow niche.

Workshop 3 – Inquiry: What might my ENCOREPRENEUR business sell?

Discussing the power of market research and making skills/talents into a commodity.

Workshop 4 – Inquiry: What skills do I need to be an ENCOREPRENEUR?

Discussing the power of knowing my transferrable skills and filling up gaps in knowledge.

Workshop 5 – Inquiry: How do I make money as an ENCOREPRENEUR?

Discussing the power of knowing my spending needs and making a living.

Workshop 6 – Inquiry: Who is my ENCOREPRENEUR clientele?

Discussing the power of marketing and getting your potential customers to notice you.

Workshop 7 – Inquiry: How do I go about marketing my ENCOREPRENEUR business??

Discussing the power of marketing continuously and creating basic marketing tools: business card, brochure, website, newspaper ad, etc.

Workshop 8 – Inquiry: What do I do now to get my ENCOREPRENEUR business started?

Discussing the power of having a plan and making decisions.

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