We were delighted to find the Encoreprenuer Cafe. The space is very open and inviting and the staff is incredibly kind and helpful. We love having clients visit us in the private conference room, which can be booked online. We have held one workshop there and the space is very flexible and adaptable to these types of events. We really feel like the Encoreprenuer Cafe team cares about the success of our business as they promoted our business at networking events. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Corona ConsultingJill Corona and Kerri Nelson / Corona Consulting

One of the biggest challenges I’ve run into as a home-based solo entrepreneur is finding a spot to be productive. It didn’t matter if I was alone at home or in a crowded coffee shop. There were always people and things that caught my attention or distracted. When I needed concentrated, focused time to write a proposal or create a project plan, both less than ideal environments for me. Clearly, I needed an environment where I could apply myself and feel more productive at the end of the day.
Then, a colleague invited me to meet her at workspace, Encorepreneur Café. Intrigued with curiosity and interest, I met her there one afternoon. I vividly recall being warmly greeted by Masaki, offered free coffee and water, and free access to their WiFi network. From there, it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was the workspace I needed! Next day, I joined. And to this day, I haven’t regretted my decision to join.
What I love about Encorepreneur Café is the freedom to work in quiet space — either in the large open room or in a conference room. Currently, I’m working with two colleagues on a large client project. While the coffee shop scene was initially OK, the shops were crowded, noisy and offered no privacy. All that disappeared when we switched our meeting location to Encoreprenuer Café. We easily scheduled time in the conference room (no extra charge) and quickly discovered that we became productive and were able to move forward with decisions quicker. So far, we’ve held two planning meetings in the Café’s conference room and have decided to give up on any further coffee shop meetings.
My bottom-line: if you’re seeking a place to be more productive – and creative, then take a serious look at Encorepreneur Café. For the low monthly membership I pay, I’m delighted to have access to place where I can get more done in a more efficient way. See for yourself. Call Masaki for tour and firsthand chance to see why this is my “Go To” for being more productive.

Larry Ferguson / Ferguson Leadership

This is a great space to hold meetings and workshops. It is a beautiful space and is fully equipped with a projector, projector screen, sound system, and water and tea service.
The owners are very nice and professional. I highly recommend them!

Sara DeFrancesco / Thriving Force

The Encoreprenuer Cafe is a beautiful, peaceful place to work. It is always clean, and inviting. Masaki and the rest of the staff are so pleasant. I often rent their conference room for private meetings, and they have gone out of their way to provide any thing needed. They have coffee, tea, beautiful cups to use – they even put up blinds for privacy on the conference room. I can’t recommend this place enough. It is a hidden jewel!

Robin Friedman / Robin Friedman Energy

I’ve gone to this space a few times for networking events and have used this space to get some work done when I need a quiet place with good energy.
The administrators are very friendly and the workspaces are clean an spacious. Highly recommend for budding entrepreneurs!

Erik Croswell / Bridge City Media