Seminar: Transcending Suffering for Caregivers and Medical Professionals

Seminar: Transcending Suffering for Caregivers and Medical Professionals

Instructor: Joseph Britton

Tuesday June 26th
10 a.m. to noon

at the Encorepreneur Cafe
1548 NE 15th Ave. Portland OR 97232
Fee: $30

Topics covered

a. Problems and challenges for medical professionals working with suffering
b. Effect on the “listener’s” body while in the presence of suffering
c. Getting beyond emotional fatigue
d. Words to say, words to avoid
e. Transcending suffering. How to stay in top form, psychologically and physically, for your own health, and to fully and consciously serve your patients.
f. Q & A

This seminar will provide you with research, tips and the practice of transcending suffering. Several mindfulness methods will be discussed, then practiced: to reduce stress and anxiety, energize your body, and to maintain an inner peace, calm and clarity.

Joseph Britton
Joseph Britton taught a course at Princeton University for many years on “Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and Movement;” while living in Japan he was a Professor of “Communications and Mindfulness” at Osaka Prefecture University; a former practitioner of myofascial pain release therapy; presently researching and teaching how people respond in the presence of suffering and, in turn, transcend suffering. Joseph is also a hospice volunteer.

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