Seminar: This is Your Encore Brain

Seminar: This is Your Encore Brain

This is Your Encore Brain

Exciting Brain Science Findings for Your Encore Business Toolbox

Scientific breakthroughs are revealing the multiple brain-related assets available to us as we age. Don’t miss this 90-minute exploration into the science of Creativity, Grit and the Mature Mind that can propel an encore career. Brain health educator Roger Anunsen will examine evidence-based findings that can leverage your skill, knowledge and experience to create a foundation for your Encore Entrepreneur career.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

at The Encorepreneur Cafe
1548 NE 15th Ave. Portland OR 97232

Seminar Fee: $20 for pre-registration ($25 at the door)


Participants in seminar will receive:
•Student Discount (44%) on textbook, Strong Brains, Sharp Minds (2017 ed.)
*We will provide handouts for the seminar. The textbook is not required to purchase.
One month free rent at the Encorepreneur Cafe.

Strong Brains, sharp minds

Instructor: Roger Anunsen

Roger Anunsen

Roger Anunsen is a brain health educator and program consultant based in Oregon where he teaches college five gerontology courses in Portland, including The Aging Mind, Applied Legal & Policy Issues in Aging and Cognitive Activity Design.

Roger has been working in the field of memory and aging since 2001 and is a founder and co-principal in MINDRAMP Consulting that provides brain health and wellness events, staff training programs and educational courses. His educational method was developed over the past decade of hands-on experience teaching older adults and health care professionals how to apply the latest breakthroughs from neuroscience. Roger presented the MINDRAMP Method© at the First Global Conference on Ageing at the University of Oxford and, with his MINDRAMP partner Michael C. Patterson who is now based in Los Angeles, conducted a sold-out seven-hour brain health seminar at the Smithsonian Institution.

Anunsen and Patterson have co-authored books including their textbooks Strong Brains, Sharp Minds (2015), Cognitive Activity Design (2015) and Better Brains by Design: (2016)

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  1. As I turn 79 with a healthy brain I desire to care for and enjoy strengthing my brain..with good health…and am interested in your information and Portland events…

  2. Hello Ann. Thank you for your interest! It is wonderful you have healthy brain and want to strengthen it. You are defintely a person with “Encore Brain.” You are very welcome to the seminar. Please just drop by at 1548 NE 15th Ave. Portland.

    The Encorepreneur Cafe

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